Moving a large Samson press

Hello everyone. In my Great-Grandmother’s basement is a large press with only the word Samson on it (that I can find). Her husband used to use it before he died 15 years ago. Now she is slowly moving into a smaller new place and I was going to take on the task of getting it out of there, hopefully without destroying it as I hope to make her some money off of it. I was wondering if anyone can help me as far as anything I should know before I begin to disassemble it. She lives about 2 hours away and I wanted to try to do it in one day (doubt it’s possible). Is there any part I should pay any special attention to? If anyone has an estimate as to it’s worth would be a help also. I only have a few pics now that I shot the last time I was there. Thanks.

image: 0714101406b.jpg


image: 0714101406a.jpg


image: 0714101406.jpg


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