What to look for in a C&P or similar

I am going to a local shop to look at a C&P (or similar) 10x15 tomorrow. The shop owner tells me he hasn’t used it in several years (and that it is motor-less).

He’s using another as well as a Windmill and Kluge in the shop for diecutting and scoring.

I am fairly certain I can trust the owner, but would like some advice (and maybe an idea of pricing - it seems to be all over the place!) on what to look for when I head over tomorrow.

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check the press for welds, take off the tympan and make sure the platen has no breaks or welds, grab the platen and try to rock it, if it rocks most likely the press is worn badly, also make sure you get a chase with it. Good Luck Dick G.

The press should be closed with rocker lock in position before you try to rock the platen. If the rocker lock is not in place, then there will be rocking, limited by the movement of the rocker arm cam.

oops, i’m bad. thanks parallel. dick g.