Moving a press interstate (Australia) Vic-to-NSW


We have just bought a Halifax Arab press located just outside of Melbourne, VIC and need to get it to Sydney. I’m hoping to get some insider tips/direction from the more experienced Australian community.

Can anyone recommend a moving company who won’t charge like a wounded bull! Easy access, help at each end.
Anyone had a good experience or have a recommendation?


has anyone gone the DIY route? Hired a truck or trailer and hauled their own gear?

Any suggestions or sage advice really welcome.

Many thanks,

Al & Candice

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Hello Wheel,

I moved my windmill twice. Maybe this will help:

Good look!

Some good links here:

I was offered an Arab press many years ago, took it apart and transported it on a sack trolley!

Hey there,

I’m based in Melbourne and recently was faced with similar problem.

Used a truck with with a 2ton tailgate, this made it as simple as using a pallet jack to wheel it on and off as press was on a pallet. If no pallet, you could consider truck fitted with small crane hoist.

Feel free to email

I don’t know how the rental tools resources are there — I use a hydraulic shop crane such as car mechanics use to lift an engine out of a car. Mine has a 2-ton capacity and pretty good reach. If you can rent one and a small low trailer such as U-Haul rents in the US (covered van trailer is best with a low floor) you can pick the press up with the crane, which is on wheels, and roll the crane to the trailer with the legs under the trailer and set the press down on the trailer floor handily (assuming you have a smooth surface for the crane).


Has the move happened yet? How did it go? What methods did you decide to use?