Miehle Cylinder

Please help me. I have been asked to restore an old Miehle Cylinder press that is really bad shape. Since I haven’t ever run one of these, I have no idea where to start. I need any information (parts list, instruction manual etc…) that anybody out there has on this press. It is the PONY model and I believe that it is a very early model. I have many pictures and have included one here. Please help me as this press will be displayed in a museum and I really want to get it running. Thanks

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Sorry, here is the photo

image: DSC_0625.jpg


If nothing else, you’ll need to replace the cloth delivery tapes with something; I haven’t seen the tapes listed anywhere for a while, so maybe endless rubber or synthetic material can be installed.
Check aslo the leather cup pistons (under the bed at each end) for integrity. Can’t run without them since they provide an air cushion to help slow the bed and reverse direction. They should be treated with Neatsfoot oil regularly.
Mechanically it is a relatively simple press, impression is activated by foot pedal near the feeder’s platform. Don’t forget the lock the chase dogs before turning on the motor, or the chase will fly. It is the kind of mistake most of us only make once, but if someone is standing in front of the bed it could be a disaster.


Thanks guys for the information. Paul, I have contacted you off the Briar Press website with my information. I really appreciate all the help.


did you get it going???
Typoretum in Uk had a Wharfedale set up by an expert-maybe it is a similar kind of press and their expert could help??

Where are you located??????? We had a very early Miehle Pony up and running at Printers’ Hall in Mt. Pleasant, IA. Unfortunately, we had to make room for a much larger Miehle Model 00 (30,000 lbs.) this past fall so the Pony is gone.

It was a relatively simple press and you should really try to find one relqatively close to you in working order that you can see running and ask lots of questions about.


The problem with this particular press is that the main drive shaft was removed to get it out of the building where it was located. This means that the timing of the press is critical for the bed/cylinder movement. And the fellow who took this apart neglected to index anything, so it is a perplexing problem. The nearest operating flatbed to this one is at the Sauguache Crescent but it is a Challenge and not a Miehle. From the photos I’ve seen of this press, it is in remarkably good condition and the current owner has hopes of establishing a museum with operating equipment all housed in a historic railroad roundhouse.

I realize it is an old post, but did you succeed in restoring the Pony to operating condition?