Depth of a plate using 1,75mm magnesium die

hi folks, totally new to this but see that there is a lot of help out there for the beginners. I am using the adana 8x5 and was thinking about the boxcar and PPP but find iut difficult to get a supplier in Germany and so have now decided to use magnesium dies from a fairly local supplier. I will have them cut and then mount them myself. My question is this… if the dies are 1.75 mm thick how thick should the board that I mount them on be. I am assuming that this matters as I read how letterpress counts to the last point of a millimeter.

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Nickelyacht, when yo’re based in Germany and want to use your press with plates and with type, the total height of your plate, adhesive and base should be identical to the German type height, which is: 23.56mm.

While that would seem to make good sense, the writer is using an Adana which may well be initially adjusted to English standards, and if using only mounted engravings, it may make sense to match the press rather than a regional standard.

If, however, the press were to be used interchangeably between German type and mounted plates, then the 23.56mm total thickness would be best, and just adjust the roller height to match by taping the rails of the press to increase the distance of the rollers from the bed.

John Henry (from a .918” world)

Check out Jens Hansen’s (Bogtrykker) images on how he dealt with this on his Adana 8 x 5. Nickelyacht, it would be wiser to stick with the German/Italian/French/Danish/Swiss height, you will be able to find plenty of supplies on the Continent. Good luck!

thanks for that guys, sorry for the delay in replying. I bought my reconditioned adana from Caslon Ltd and I have since ordered my Boxcar base which is slowly finding its way across the atlantic. I will be using 94 plates with the base now as I read a lot about how wood can sometimes be uneven and could cause lots of misprints so I went for the safer (I hope) option.