I am in love with letterpress, but I don’t know how to get started. I have searched and I cannot find any classes offered in North Carolina. I would like to learn about it before I venture out and buy my own. Does anyone know of any workshops or classes? I work full-time and I can’t quit my job so….

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It seems that there several letterpress folks in Asheville. I can’t point to anyone or any place in particular, but there has got to be something going on there.


Looks like they have a weekend Letterpress I class coming up April 2,3,& 4.

If you can’t get there, maybe they can suggest someone in your area who can give you the basics.

Perhaps look for printers in your area that have their shops pretty established that might not mind showing you around or even doing a private workshop for you if you buy the supplies, etc. In my experience, most letterpress folks I’ve met are very friendly and enjoy sharing their expertise.


Not sure where in North Carolina you are, but there are several shops and classes in and around Asheville. Bookworks, as already mentioned: Penland, which is outside Asheville a bit (not sure how far as I haven’t been there yet). You could also visit Yee-Haw in Knoxville. I manage a shop and run another in Asheville, but unfortunately we had to discontinue our apprentice program last year. Good luck!