Is it worth getting new rollers for a Kelsey?

Hello out there!

After some mediocre printing, I am considering getting new rollers for my Kelsey 6x10. Any thoughts out there, is this worth $200+ for a press that is supposed to be a hobby press?

The rollers I currently have are definitely showing some surface cracking, it’s just hard to tell how bad they really are since they are the only ones I have ever used.

Is there any way to tell if your rollers need to be replaced or if you are just a crappy press operator?

Thanks for your candid responses!

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Check out Ramco Roller Products of San Dimas, California.
Kelsey 6x10 $130.00 for the pair.

when your rollers need replacing your printing will be medicore. New rollers make a world of difference, they crack shrink and get low spots making for lots of problems. you will be a happy printer with new rollers. Dick G.

you people are helpful and quick! thanks so much!

I was given a Kelsey 6x10, with no rollers, and had to decide if ($180 in my case) new rollers were worth it for this press. In a word, they were. The press itself works great, even though there was a learning curve for me for letterpress in general.

I clean my rollers with Kerosene, and then spray and wipe with a roller rejuvenator (comes in a can) I ordered with the rollers from NA Graphics. After quite a few sessions, the rollers are as soft and pliable as when they were new.

My advice is to go for it.

go for it !

just got mine from na graphics…

fritz and barney got me fixed up with one phone call…

good luck

and happy printing