Any documentation for a Harrild and Son Jobber?

Hello All

Presently on day two of a strip down of a Harrild Treadle Platen.

Its up a flight of stairs and today we’ll take the main frame away from the ‘swing arm’ to get the weight as low as possible.

We have documented the strip with photographs and searched the web but havent turned up anything much as far as the correct procedure to put the beast back together. If anybody has any info we would be very grateful.

Its a similar machine to this one -

It appears to be in good order with minimal rust and only one crack in the treadle peddle casting. I’m thinking TIG weld with stainless filler rod.

I shall upload a few pics when I’ve managed to clean all this grease and dirt off myself :)



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It’s very similar to the Arab press, have a look at this: