Miehle 29” rollers


Through some rather serendipitous circumstances I am about to find myself the proud owner of a Miehle 29” press. It was being used solely for die-cutting by the previous owner and I didn’t clue in until later that the machine is also a letterpress. Needless to say I’m getting rather giddy at the prospect of printing with this machine too!

However, from the pictures I took of it it looks there are only 2 or 3 rollers left and I called the owner today and they said that they got rid of them many years ago. From the handful of pics and video I can find online it looks like the machine originally had a train of 10 or more rollers.

Any chance anyone has spare rollers or know of someone interested in selling theirs, maybe they only die-cut like these folks did?

Or does anyone have advice for making new rollers for the machine? Could it be as simple as having new cores made? I’m imagine the system for attaching the rollers is unique to the machine.

And an stories/opinions of the machine would be most appreciated!

It’s definitely going to be a lengthy process to get the press printing again but I can’t think of a better project!


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I may be wrong, but I thought the 29 was an offset press.


I think Hatch Show Print has one of these. Would be a great press if you could get is printing!

You’re probably right as I don’t actually know the exact model name of this machine, but I know it’s a letterpress with a 22” x 29” bed.

It’s the one featured in this video:

Ha, looks like we were thinking the same thing!

Yes. That press is an exciting find.

It is good you have some cores and a known working press to compare yours with.

However, if the roller assembly is anything like the ones on the v50, there may be additional parts that you need beyond the roller cores.

Good luck!

A 29 has 2 composition form rollers, 4 comp distributor rolls. All comp rolls are 2 1/4” dia. and interchangeable.
It also has 5 steel rollers, hope you have them as they would be very dificult to fabricate.
Hope you will keep us informed on your project.
Good luck,

Yup, that’s a lot of rollers. Looking like the best scenario is to purchase someone’s set that isn’t using them anymore. Anybody know any shops running theirs exclusively for die-cutting or similar?

I will definitely keep the board updated as things progress. Thanks for you help so far!

I have a Miehle 29 letterpress that is very complete in good condition that I have had in dry storage since about 1995. It was last used at a die cutter but still has all the rollers and assembly. It has a number of extra rollers and chases. I would be interested in selling it. Easy out but no dock. Located in Iowa. Might consider parting out if enough people are interested.