My first print!

My first print from my C&P 8x12 NS

It’s not perfect,(Thanks to me) but I like it.

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Here it is!!!

image: 100_3739.JPG


Looks good and feels Great!! Good job!

Looks good! Is that a Crocodile playing a banjo? I used to like to put a laughing teddy bear in my stuff. Good job.


You have a very vivid imagination. It looks like it’s a snapper, but of a different ilk, a hand-operated letterpress.

Crocodiles are very rare in Iowa, but letterpress presses are everywhere.


Hazard of the trade I guess. Life is good.

Yearn for the days when the letterpress shop was in full tilt. By the same token, I don’t miss the stress of the rat-race schedule to make a living! Occasionally a spoof print job would surface, when there was a little slack afternoon. Like the Mickey Mouse parking ticket. A couple words on it were a little too X rated for this site.

Congratulations! The “first print feeling” is special and I won’t forget mine. Looks great!

Thank you everyone!

And a very special thanks to Craig Starr (Who got me started and has been a great mentor to me),
And to Brad Dicharry (Who has been very kind, and generous). Thanks for everything!

Also, to anyone who has tought me something I will never forget. Thank you.

Dundee, IA! I used to live there. Wow what a small letterpress community it is… Your print looks great. My c&p 10x15 is arriving this week