Help ID this Portable Letterpress “The Classroom Printing Press”

Does anyone out there know anything about this press? I just picked it up at a neighborhood sale. I believe part of the very weathered label reads “The Classroom Printing Press” and on the bottom I can make out “Chicago”. I’ve searched and searched and can’t seem to find a similar portable letterpress anywhere. Hopefully I will be corrected!

Total closed box dimensions : 24” wide, 15” deep, 7.5” tall. There are 3 drawers which seemingly hold the roller, ink rollers, and type.

Any leads or information would be helpful!

Thanks in advance (especially because I’m a newbie.)

image: press_1.jpg


image: press_2.jpg


image: press_3.jpg


image: press_4.jpg


image: press_5.jpg


image: press_6.jpg


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looks alot like a sign press, Dick G.

Do you by chance have any info on a “sign press” or an online resource to research? I’m hoping to understand how this little beauty should be best used.

Thanks again!!

check the discussions on this site, these were pretty common back in the 1960’s almost every deparyment store had one to print their signs, usually the impression roller would lift to allow you to bring it back over the type, there was a dial on the side of the impression to allow for thicker or thinner stock. Good Luck Dick G.