How to mount a mag plate?

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My experience up until now has been with printing using photopolymer and a milled high base. It’s given me some success but I’m interested in switching to mounted magnesium. I know that I can order the plates pre-mountred to exactly type high which is probably preferable but I have heard it mentioned around here in passing that they are easily mounted.

Does anyone have a step by step on how I would go about doing that? I’m imagining that somehow I need to find some kind of either wood or other material that is exactly type high minus plate depth. Where do I find such a thing? How do I affix the mag plate to the base?


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You can get a honeycomb base and toggles to attach the magnesium. I think Don Black has all of this in stock… just be sure to order the correct base for whatever thickness of magnesium or copper plates you plan on using.

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Honeycomb bases (and most other patent bases) were made for either 11-point duplicate or “shell-height” plates (.152”) or for 1/4” dies, but not for the standard 16 gauge original plates. Some photengravers do offer .152” plates today, and you’ll need to use that thickness with honeycomb. Or mount 16-gauge to a backing plate to bring it to .152”.
There has also been a little discussion here of the photoengraver Owosso’s own style of base, but apparently no users.