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Hi, I have a very beautiful model no 3 Victorian press (9 x 6) which due to circumstances I haven’t been able to use for many years. Reluctantly I am looking to sell the press along with 3 founts of Plantin (24pt 12pt etc), 4 type drawers with plastic inserts, lead spacers, quoins, wooden ‘furniture’, some old print blocks, an old type chest frame and steel galley (these 2 not best condition), the press is also complete with rollers and in good mechanical order. The question is should I sell altogether as 1 package or separately and where is the best place to advertise? I would really appreciate some advice. Thanks

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That is a model 3 improved made by William Clark and Joshua Daughaday of the JW Daughaday company of Philadelphia USA. That is my press of choise and also model 1 for the small time hobbyist looking to move up to a quality press, It is a little small for the pros and is a heavy press my guess 140lb. boxed up. You will need to set up shipping for a price you realIy need that info first to get any serious offers. I would say A few people on here would enjoy useing it. As for it’s value?

I have studied the prices of Model presses on eBay the last few years. Compared with other marks they go for relative less on the auctions. The last one was sold for approx. GBP 175. The Model presses are good presses, I have a Model No 4 myself, but they are relative heavy compared with their chase sizes - which have an influence on the shipping costs and then of course the price of the press. A fair price for the lot would be around GBP 200 to 250, but if you can spare the money, I will suggest you to give the press to a young and poor letterpress enthusiast in your area :-)
Gott grüß die Kunst

Where are you located?

Why not consider my Pilot which is for Sale. See the for sale ads in Briar Press.
William of Rockley, NSW

I am looking for a letterpress, something that is mostly complete for me to get to printing from the start. I would ask for recommendations, but I think that when I purchase a letterpress, I would want everything to get going, rather than hunt down every piece, just bringing up the frustration level. Thanks for listening.