paper duplexing (Denver)

I’m looking to have paper duplexed (Lettra 110# to 220#). Any ideas on who has this capability in Denver?


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ask a bookbinder……you need a potdevin to do a good job

A good screenprinter can help as well.

Can anyone recommend a company that does paper duplexing? I’d prefer to work with a local company in Denver but I’m open to any suggestions.



Call Rob at Foils & Dies in Denver. He can help you.


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I am currently looking for duplexing in denver and Rob at Foils & Dies is unable to help. Haven’t been able to find a shop locally so I’m open to anywhere in the states.

This post hasn’t been updated in a while so I’m hoping a new option has popped up.

Thank you!

How big are the sheets, and how many sheets are you looking to duplex? I might be able to help as long as it’s about 8.5” wide, max.


EK- I can get them to you at 8.5x11. I’ll need to have 130 sheets duplexed together for a total of 65 8.5x11 sheets.

I have looked all over to find a place that can do this. I am using Colorplan paper. My source for the paper, Legion, doesn’t duplex, and my many calls to various paper companies that carry it also don’t duplex, or only duplex their own paper. I even contacted GF Smith in England and they won’t do it.

Ideally, I’d like to have this done by April 22nd.
Any help you can offer would be MUCH appreciated!

bhoyl, hi i shot you a pm. Thanks.