rollers for VAndercook SP20

One of the rollers on my Vandercook SP20 is disintegrating at the edges. Each time I wash up the press little pieces are embeded in the ink on the metal rollers.

I know there are different kinds of rollers. Does anyone have advice about which ones are better and for what reasons? And advice about where to purchase them?

Thank you.

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Hello George,
You may want to have a look at the discussion on this topic over on the Vanderblog. There a varying opinions, but a lot can be learned here.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Are you sure it’s the roller that’s disintegrating? I’ve seen rollers with dried ink residue on the ends which can flake off and appear to be part of the roller coming off. Unless they’ve been really abused I wouldn’t expect either rubber or composition rollers to disintegrate on the ends.


I have all my Vandercook rollers redone by Pamarco in Baltimore. They do a great job and have the Vandercook specs on record. The contact is Mary Cantrell.

Mary Cantrell
Customer Service Supervisor
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If it is old enough, any rubber roller that is in contact with an oscillator will degrade at the ends, from the stress.