Holiday Printing?

Hello Everyone,

I was curious what printing projects people are doing for the holidays… Gift tags, Christmas (or seasonal) cards, chapbooks, broadsides, etc… I would love to see what my fellow printers are up to with their designs and creations. Not necessarily what you have for sale, but a thread to see what you’ve created.

To start things off, here’s a picture of some gift tags. I invited friends over last Saturday and we each created a tag, and then printed them in various colors. We ordered in chinese food for lunch and had a fun day of it. We’re going to each take some of the various tags, punch holes in the corners and thread ribbons on them to use on our gifts this year.

Mike went with an elegantly simple and classic tree cut he bought at the LA printer’s fair, Thomas also chose a classic to/from design with corners from M&H type. Corey chose a recently available Skyline Foundry border and a cut of Christmas Greetings lettering.

I did a sort of tribute to William Bradley using the Bradley typeface that was created by Herman Ihlenberg for ATF based on hand drawn lettering by William Bradley done for the Christmas cover of the Inland Printer. The 24pt type was cast at Skyline Foundry. The border is Bradley combination ornaments designed by William Bradley for ATF, and cast at Dale Guild Foundry.

What have you wrought for the holidays?


image: DSCN0548.JPG


image: DSCN0552.JPG


image: DSCN0551.JPG


image: DSCN0550.JPG


image: DSCN0549.JPG


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Here’s a few images of the chapbook we created this year. We found the original text of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas and hand set the chapbook in Goudy’s Kennerley in 14pt types cast at M&H. We used Reich Savoy 80# paper for the text and Neenah Linen for the covers. 200 copies printed for the friends and family of the four people who worked on the project.

image: DSCN0566.JPG


image: DSCN0565.JPG


image: DSCN0567.JPG


image: DSCN0561.JPG


image: DSCN0560.JPG


And finally, we printed Christmas cards to match, taking the text from the poem in the chapbook. Two versions, one on Strathmore 140# watercolor paper, and one on Arturo hand made soft white papers with deckled edges. They are the companion piece to the chapbook. The Arturo has Kennerley 18pt Italic from M&H and the Strathmore has Goudy Medieval 18pt, foundry unknown.

image: DSCN0555.JPG


image: DSCN0556.JPG


image: DSCN0557.JPG


image: DSCN0558.JPG


Here is the front of this year’s Christmas card. We’re still printing the inside verse and greeting.

- Denis

image: XpmasCard2010_15b.JPG


Here are some fun coasters for a buy local art sale my press is attending! Ho Ho Ho to all.

image: coaster montage.jpg

coaster montage.jpg

attending a holiday marketplace tomorrow in MA- LOTS of these goodies for sale…Happy Holidays everyone!

image: 5159903879_946f6285a5_b.jpg


image: 5159904861_c95c415ccd_b.jpg


image: 5160507652_ebda09c500_b.jpg


image: il_fullxfull_191317478.jpg


image: 5163194232_431463e7bc_b.jpg


image: 5159904237_9291ef23b2_b.jpg


I’m just trying to finish up all my fall projects. Bah Humbug!

I wanted to try out the two-color poinsettia I got at the Printers’ Fair in Iowa this fall, so I made this for the APA bundle.

image: christmas.jpg


Clothdog- love that. ;)

Here are my contributions…


image: tv's.jpg


image: stars.jpg


image: squares.jpg


image: Circles.jpg


Here’s a few of ours, the third is a linocut and the other two are pen & ink (the first using a border from Skyline Type)
Happy Holidays!

Paper Stone Printing
Steve Nartowicz
P.O. Box 137
Chesterfield MA 01012

image: winter1a.jpg


image: chip1b.jpg


image: snowperson1a.jpg


Here’s my card for this year…..
Holographic foil with letterpress greeting on front cover and inside panel

image: QL_HolidayCard_Lg.jpg


Here are a couple of the holiday cards we produced.

image: Holiday_Cards.jpg


I have read a lot here, but I am not sure if I have posted before.

As you can see my impression was a bit uneven, my registration was hit & miss and the texture of the Paper source Luxe was a little much. I did one test print on smooth paper that looked much better. But it was a rush and I kind of don’t mind the imperfections.

Happy holidays!

image: 5278981694_3f3ef013ce.jpg


image: 5278982264_296be7d6a7.jpg


We just finished these a week before Christmas, thanks to the speedy postal service for delivering them on time.


image: P1080486.png