Vandercook 15-20 Dry Offset Press

Have any of you ever used one? Any information about its advantages/disadvantages, usefulness (or lack thereof) would be much appreciated.

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Seems like a neat machine, has adjustable plate and work beds to accommodate different thicknesses of substrate. Dry-offset was mainly used in this presses heyday to print things like circuits and nameplates I believe, but it should print from photopolymer fine.

I wonder how it prints the substrates though, i.e. you can’t wrap a circuit board/nameplate/glass around a cylinder, so it may print everything flat which would be different than other Vandys.

A production press, not a proof press. Seems like there are lots of things that could break and be hard to repair, but if it’s in great shape would be a versatile press. For standard letterpress work might be more trouble than it’s worth.

I haven’t seen one, but I think you would have the plate on one end of the bed, and the stock flat on the other end. The cylinder would have a rubber blanket (rather than tympan), pick up from the inked form and lay onto the stock.
This is indirect printing and traditional makeready methods would not be used. And heavy impression work is totally impossible.