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I am a graphic designer looking to start printing my own posters etc. on a letterpress. Im new to all of this so I’m not sure what I need or where to begin. The common size of my posters are 11x17 or larger. I’ve done some research about photopolymer and will likely go that route, along with the antique type blocks ect. What type of press will be large enough and what press works with photopolymer? Thanks for any help that could be passed along.

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All letterpresses can print photopolymer, and press sizes dictate print size (i.e. a 10x15 press prints 10x15.)

You will be better off researching information in these forums using the search function than asking people what you should buy—you know your needs better than we do.

My guess is you will probably want to purchase a Vandercook proof press but the question will then become where do you find the $8k.

The press sizes is what I was unsure of. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

The more I read the discussions, the more I’m finding out what I think I need. I’m leaning toward a C&P letterpress. Now, I just gotta find one. Cant find any in or around Nashville.

If you’re looking to print posters, a Chandler & Price letterpress is probably not the way to go (unless you are meaning a C&P gallery proof press like this: http://excelsiorpress.org/available/martin.rauchwerk/index.html)

You’ll want to look into tracking down a Vandercook as modernman suggested. I’m sure you can find a decent proof press for a lot less than 8k though. Track a craigslist search for “letterpress” or “Vandercook” on your local Craigslist page. You never know, you may be able to pick one up for free if you drag it out of someones basement ;)

To print a 11x17 poster you should get at least a 12x18 c&p, and smaller and you will have a hard time, just because the press is a 10x15 that doesn’t mean you can print that size, it takes a lot of pressure to print larger forms. good luck Dick G.

Recently there was a Poco #1 or #2 offered for I think around $500. That would be a very good press for 11x17 posters in one color at a time. Hand inked, cylinder impression, and well made. Actually I think a #0 would print 11x17 too. Search on Google for Poco proof press — I bet you’d fine one.


If you are looking for a Poco #0, no need to look far. There is only for sale in the Classifieds section:


Note that a Poco #0 is reasonably heavy, but the larger #2 is very heavy.

Go check out Hatch Show Print on Broadway in downtown Nashville. You can see how they print posters there. You are probably going to need a Vandercook to print your posters as described.

My friend has a poco 0 for sale for $600, in Dorchester, MA. If interested i will get you his number. Dick G.