using sizzix in a letterpress

Does anyone have any experience using a die cut from Sizzix in there letterpress? if so did you have to place something under the die cut to get it to “print hight” ? also any other information about it would be great thanks

I saw a video on you tube of someone doing it and would like to try it myself.


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Cutting dies are relatively inexpensive considering how long they last (if properly treated). I think that you’d be better off buying a die made for letterpress.

I have used sizzix dies on my platen press. All that is necessary is to raise the die by adding a steell spacer behind it to bring it up to .918”. If you can come close to .918 and use card stock under to raise the remainder of the way, I think you’ll find it works quite well.

Groomis is correct that dies can be obtained inexpensively already at proper height for our presses, but there are some bargains out there in the used and clearance market for Sizzix dies.

Remember to protect your platen or cylinder with a steel cutting surface so you don’t cut into the cast platen or cylinder when running.

thanks, can you recommend a place online or physical locations to get die cuts made? I am located in Brooklyn NY

further more i am using a old style C&P machine 8x12 is there anything I should be aware of when ordering die cuts?


jhenry covered it pretty well.

Ideally, you need a steel jacket or plate to cover the platen of your press when die cutting. Work slowly… I’ve seen a few presses with permanent die lines etched in the platen from incorrect make ready. There are also plenty of broken C&P’s; don’t need to add another to that tally.

Start small.

i use a “blue steel” plate. it is thin and very strong/hard. it may be called “blue spring steel”

image: plate2.jpg