Found in the trash

I have an old book printed by Cape Goliard Press of poems by Pablo Neruda in both Italian and English - with a hand written note on the back cover to Ted Hughes and signed by Pablo.

Is this valuable?

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Check on Amazon!

I would assume it is somewhat valuable. It would depend on the edition of printing, and the collector’s willingness to pay for it’s condition.

I’m guessing that the book is “We are Many” originally published in 1967. 1400 copies printed of the first edition. Second edition was 1968 and the third edition 1970. Jim Dine did the cover illustration. Text was Spanish and English, rather than Italian. It could be worth up to a couple of hundred dollars/pounds, depending on which edition and the condition. Condition is everything, of course, but the signature helps.

If you want to check asking prices for the edition that you have, check the website in the used/out of print area. It aggregates the bulk of used book dealers via alibris, abebooks, and others and gives you asking prices for editions at rare and used book dealers.

Currently on assuming you have a very good to fine copy that is not ex library and is the 1967 edition, asking prices range from $46.00 to a rather silly $2,000.00. At present, a knowledgeable buyer would pay no more than $46 as he or she can purchase it for that price elsewhere.

If you are looking to sell it, remember that rare book dealers usually pay less than half of the lowest retail/asking rate when buying. You will make more money with direct placement/sale to a collector.

Author signatures and/or dedications/personalizations do not materially affect the value (up or down) on used books unless the signatory is someone very famous beyond being the author (e.g. memoirs written by a former president and signed by that former president may have value beyond the value of the book due to having the signature of a president which has innate value.)

I always look books up on or

Here is the result of Abe.

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It’s not worth anything. I’ll give you 10.00 for postage if you mail it to my PO box adress.