Fabricating new chases?

Hi. I’m looking at purchasing an older C&P platen press. It is in good working order and even has useable rollers. The price is right but there is no chase for it. How difficult would it be to have one fabricated? Would it be too expensive to be worth it? I’d rather not pass up the press, but it might take months to locate the right chase, if I’m lucky. Any advice? Thanks!


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You don’t say where you are but in Indianapolis Dave Churchman has a warehouse of used printing stuff with a room full of chases of all sorts and I’m sure he would have a chase for that C&P — they’re very common.


Hi Bob,

I just emailed Dave with a few pictures of the press, hopefully he has something on hand.

Thank you very much for the advice!

P.S. here is a picture of the press.


image: CP3.JPG


image: CP2.JPG


image: CP1.JPG


That’s a C&P Pilot… you could also contact John Barrett at Letterpress Things in Chicopee, MA. Last time I checked, he had a few.

Hi mlkandtoast

It seems my worries were a bit exaggerated, there seem to be more resources for parts for these than I had thought!

I will post more pics of it when I have cleaned it up a bit, and hopefully have a new chase for it.

I appreciate the info, thank you!


have fun and enjoy the press.