dismantling crank shaft help

I Think I might need to dismantle the crank shaft on my 8x12 press. I am Having a great deal of trouble figuring out how to get the small gear off. there is no pin in the gear and it is oddly aligned and will not budge to the left or right. I have attached pictures of the gear, any suggestion on how to get it off would be great.

image: IMG_0315.jpg


image: IMG_0314.jpg


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Looks like the end of the shaft is mushroomed a bit and the pinion gear may be held by that. If so, push the pinion toward the press and see if it comes loose on the shaft. Then use a file and or sandpaper to clean up the end of the shaft.

If it is still stubborn, get a gear puller and that will surely get it off. Make sure the teeth of both gears are not interfering with the operation.

It appears your gear is missing a tooth.

Three Quoins is right. I also wonder if that is the correct gear. It has a notch on each side of the inside but since it is not lined up, I wonder if the mushroomed edges Arie described are holding it on without a pin. I am attaching a photo of mine to show the difference.

image: Pinion2X.jpg


I think it’s definitely the right gear—just missing a tooth. My guess is that’s why Ian is trying to remove it from the press. Arie’s suggestions should work.


read through this…it may help…
it is also important to make sure that the shaft is not mushroomed as stated above…