Rigger/Mover from Ohio to Nevada

Anyone have a suggestion for someone I can call for a quote on moving a C&P 12x18 from northern Ohio to northern Nevada? Thanks in advance.


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Is this already your press or is it something you are considering purchasing? You might try uShip.com, I’ve had some pretty good luck there (never with anything quite as big as a 12x18 though).


It’s something I’m considering purchasing if the shipping costs don’t turn it from a great deal to a not so great deal.

Thank you for the response Brad.

Good luck. I don’t know what the market is like in Nevada, but I’m guessing the transport costs are going to be prohibitive. You’re probably looking at something in the neighborhood of 1 dollar per loaded mile. Even without loading or unloading considerations you’re probably looking at something in the neighborhood of 1500-2000 dollars for an experienced mover.

Like I mentioned before, though, you may be able to find someone on uShip or here:


The 12x18 is a great press, but I’m not sure it would be worth 1500+ unless it’s in great shape with new rollers, variable speed motor, etc.

Hope this helps,

It does help. That’s the quote I’m afraid to hear about. I’m hoping I can do it on half what you listed if I’m super lucky. I just google mapped it and it’s 2176 miles…:(

Thanks again for the help!

You could check with Ed Regan in Indiana — he does printing machinery moving all over the country — or did if he hasn’t closed up shop. If he’s still moving stuff he might have a move that your press could piggyback on; if he’s no longer doing it he would certainly know who to talk to.


Ed Regan Printing Machine Movers
2499 N 900 W
Rensselaer, IN 47978-8618
(219) 866-5500

That is the biggest problem I face. I found printing equipment all the time I want, but the cost to move it to Texas is 4 times the cost of the equipment.

Hey James

I have seen posted on here and Craigslist presses for sale in and around Sonoma County, CA.

There are a few community colleges around there that may also have old printing equipment kicking around - always worth a call.

I know someone in Reno with a few presses who might be able to help you out when you get things going. Let me know and I can fwd info.

good luck!


Bob, thanks for the lead. I’ll give him a call.

Aaron, I’m feeling your pain.

Mike, that’s great. Thanks much for the assistance.

Anyone know the dimensions and weight on this press?

I can get you firm dimensions once down at my shop, but the press without motor is 2300 lbs.

Thanks Modernman. Much appreciated.

Took a quick look at my 12x18s…

Across they are 44”. Not much you can do short of a serious disassembly to change that. If you remove the feed-table and inking apparatus, the press closed with measure at least 39”. Mine is on 7” of skidding and would measure about 52” high with the ink disc and bracket removed.


Thanks for checking Paul. That letterpress is quite large.