Overall Outer Dimensions for C&P 10x15

We’re looking to purchase our first letterpress, a new style C&P 10x15 this weekend. We have the trailer/pallet jack situation covered but now we need to construct our skid.

Can anyone provide me with the overall outer dimensions of the press? If you have any info on the size of your skid that’d be helpful too.

Thanks in advance!


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When i skidded a press i would jack it up and use 2x4’s under the legs then lag bolt it to the 2x4. leave the skid a little long. i would make the skid right at the press. Dick G.

I’m measuring with a 12” ruler (forgot to bring my tape measure to the University studio tonight) so the numbers are plus or minus a few of inches. I measured about 60” deep x 48” wide. A bit wider if you have the full flywheel shaft with space for a steam fixture/pulley on the right side of the press.

In addition to this you’ll need at least a couple of feet on all sides for access to oiling points (and maybe a bit more where you stand in front of the press).

I’d make the skids just the same length as the front to back distance as the feet of the press (or maybe an inch or two longer) with a 45 degree bevel on the underside of the skids. This will make it easier to put up on roller pipes to move it around. Skids can be either 2x6 or 4x4.

I just measured a 10x15 and got roughly 55” deep x 45” wide. the motor was disassembled so the width might not be accurate.

Can anyone give the overall outer dimensions for a 8x12 C&P?