Help w/ 2 old Fonts


The one that is similar to Washington Text is 14 Pt., the other is 18 Pt. They are old and appear to have been used with foil since there are traces of Gold foil on them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

image: IMG_8684.jpg


image: IMG_8688.jpg


image: IMG_8685.jpg


image: IMG_8689.jpg


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I don’t know the first, but the second is called Livermore or Livermere. I can’t remember which…

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY



Thanks fella’s


The first face is definitely Washington Text, first issued from the Keystone Type Foundry in 1904.

The second face is Livermore, which was patented by ATF around 1897, and very closely resembling Cosmopolitan, patented on April 14, 1896 by the Inland Type Foundry.


Livermore is a “problem” font. By that, I mean that, like scripts, capitals were not designed to be used with each other. Check that the kerns on capitals, such as V, W & Y are not bearing-off on an adjacent letter, since they may be broken-off, on shipment or lock-up. This can be prevented, without inserting spaces, by inverting every other letter. Also, most of the kerns on the lower-case “i” tend to break very easily, so you should show them in at least one photo (I have seen fonts where not a single dot was over any i), so that a prospective buyer can view them..
Dave Greer

Thanks Dave,

I have noticed that and do have some with broken Kerns and have separated them and put them at the end and will make a comment about in in my description. Although I have already taken the photos, I am going to repackage for safe shipment.