First time Lettepress Buyer

I have a small retail social stationery store and would like to purchase a small letterpress (no experience yet). Through some research, it seems like a C&P Pilot or Superior would be the best bet both for a beginner and for quality. Any suggestions please??

I would like to do invitations and stationery on it-largest size is 5.5 x 7.5 and smallest is placecards (approx. 2.5x3).

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i am a beginner, too, and i was looking for a pilot a while back. i found the C&P pilot/superior a) difficult to find, b) usually not in working condition (not needing rollers, trucks, etc) or if it was, very expensive. i ended up with a golding pearl platen. the best thing to do is to find a local printer’s guild and make some contacts. that’s how i found the pearl.

good luck!


I’m not sure, but my dad may have a letterpress. Are you interested in Ludlow or Linotype machines? My dad is: Al Meers (773) 227-8442. ====Anita

It would be helpful to know approximately where you are located and if we could suggest some nearby place for you to get a little practical experience. That would be extremely beneficial to you and also help greatly in determining exactly what kind of press will meet your needs. There are several letterpress ‘learning centers’ around the country and hopefully you might be relatively close to one of them.