on the hunt for an amazine peacock feather graphic!

Hi all! I’m on the hunt for a beautiful peacock feather graphic. I have a client who is looking for a particular feather on her invites. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Ive been looking through some vintage books, but haven’t found the best one yet. Naturally, I’m trying to find something that would look amazing pressed into my Lettra. Any help would be appreciated!! Of course, I’m not looking for any free handouts, I’d be happy to pay for any graphic I might use. THANK YOU! :)

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This would be a good excuse to break out a piece of paper and a pencil… ;)

There is a recent National Geographic which features feathers, but you won’t have any security in providing graphic images unless you can produce those images yourself. No disrespect.

Try iStockphoto.com. They have both photos and vector art at reasonable rates.

Go to the zoo, ask for a peacock feather, scan it. Then it is truly your own. Free and clear.

What? have we lost the ability to deal with reality or to even leave the room? (not counting driving down the block to Starbucks of course).


Hello avivona,

Peacocks run wild in the town where I live. If there’s no zoo near you, I will be happy to send you a feather.


I have to say….this thread is becoming quite entertaining!

Go to the zoo, get the feather(s), place it carefully on a slab of stone, ink it with a brayer, transfer delicately the feather to a sheet of white paper and print it by putting another sheet over it and rolling it with a clean brayer! Printing from nature! You can get a photopolymer plate made of your ‘life’ impression.

Thanks for all the comments! No disrespected taken. :)
I have a bunch of drawn feathers, not so much the look I’m going for. I’ll probably end up scanning, or trying out the brayer idea (which I didn’t even think of, ahhh the beauty of collaborative discussion). thanks everyone!

p.s. I don’t drink Starbucks ;)

We did a custom wedding invitation using a peacock feather image.


You can then click on the image and see a larger version.

We scanned a feather and converted it to an Illustrator file. We did cut out the main eye (into two shapes) which we handrolled through a stencil. The dot in the center is Jill’s fingerprint. There is also a bit of handrolling that we did with gold ink using the edge of a brayer just to add a bit to break up the feather. The feather is printed in silver.

Am I glad to hear that you don’t frequent Starbucks! That’s not really coffee that they serve there.