C&P Craftsman 10x15

Hi Everyone,

I have recently found a C&P Craftsman here in my town.
It is not in working condition, but it is restorable (solid, no fractures or breaks, moves smoothly, it needs new rollers, new roller clamps(?), a new belt, the auto feeder is missing parts so I will probably opt to just take it off, and there are other areas that need care). I know this particular style is more rare, and I have had someone who knows these presses very well, take a look at it, but my question is this: What does a C&P 10x15 Craftsman in good working condition go for vs. the press I’ve described?

Any insights would be very helpful.

Thank you!

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It’s been said in other threads: anywhere from worthless to priceless.

A 12x18 craftsman with auto feeder was recently listed for free in the classifieds, easy to move, too. I’m sure people have paid $500+ for presses in worse shape though.

For what you have to do to it, I wouldn’t pay much more than scrap, which is probably $150-250 depending on where you are. If it’s tough to get out of where it is, don’t pay anything, it will cost them at least that much to have it moved out to be scrapped.

I paid $200 for a 10x15 Craftsman press in very similar condition. The seller loaded and transported the press at no additional cost. We used fork lifts to load and unload the press.
I did roll the press across the floor on pipes, and could have done the same to load it on a trailer, but it was very tedious, and a forklift was a much better option.
I too removed the feeder, and built a delivery table. I am currently in the process of hooking up the electricity.
Here is a link to the wiring diagram for a kimble motor and motor control.

image: 4962358430_a678e9b7db.jpg


image: 4000362718_c9d88cc7c0.jpg


image: 3999579835_8ac1aef36a.jpg


I really appreciate your insights and information. Thank you both.

boundstaffpress — looks fantastic!