Laser Die Cutting

A fellow I know me last night to see if I know anyone that does laser die cutting.

I am old school only die cut with metal cutting blades in a form.

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Maybe he is reffering to lasercut dies. Some companies use lasers to cut the mounting board for the steel blades/rules.

GOOGLE: laser cut paper. a lot of stuff comes up.

The fellow that called me, is making a sample of a product he wants to market. And, he needs it cut to put together to show investors.

And, he was looking into needing the paper cut by a laser to fit the product.

I know that there are some big companies that use equipment for laser cutting of paper materials. Its in electronics manufacturing.

I know this is an old thread, but there are plenty of smaller companies doing it, too. Many promotional goods companies have laser engravers in-house that will do any cut work you need on 12”x20” or smaller stock.

Mine charges by the minute of actual laser time (timed by the machine).