Potter Proof Press

I am in search of a Potter Proof Press for sale. If anyone out there in the Briar Press Cosmos could help me out with this it would be much appreciated.

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www.binderytools.com had one for sale recently. I don’t know if it sold or may still be available.


As it happens, I have 3 Potter proof presses for sale. Two are large bed, and one is smaller.

Please contact me and we can talk, send pictures, etc.

If someone is doing some photographs I’d still really appreciate some details of how the paper gripper mechanism is meant to go - I’ve got most of the parts for my No2’s grippers, but am having real difficulties in seeing how they go together, and what bits I may be missing.

I ended up picking up the Potter Proof press from Paul at Bindery tools.

Thanks for the leads

I have a 17” x 22” Potter Proof Press. Good working order. Located Oregon, Ill. Also wood type to 30 line and foundry type. .And 1894 Golding press along with other letterpress stuff.

Hello Richard,

I sent you an email through Briar Press a week ago. I am interested in everything.