Gray paper

Does anyone have some suggestions for a light warm gray paper suitable for business cards? Preferably something in the 130 lb. class. I got a rush request this morning and am trying to find some options quickly.


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French paper makes a great variety of colored papers that work great for letterpress. Id recomend the muscletone line. They have lots of greys and you can order directly from the mill.

I was recently introduced to James Cropper Specialty Papers. They have so many shades, their swatchbook looks like a pms book. There are 5 shades of gray cardstock available. I know Legion Papers carries it.


Unfortunately, French’s Musceltone doesn’t have any grays, at least not that I see on their website. The only gray I can find maxes at 100 lb. cover.


I’ll check out the Cropper papers. Thanks.

I’m going to run this first batch of cards on some heavyweight Crane’s I have in-house, but will probably duplex some gray stock to make the weight I want for the next batch.

The Cropper color pallet is here


Any luck with the 130lb gray paper?

I’m looking for something similar myself.