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i stopped by yee-haw press this week on a trip (awesome, helpful folks there!), and i bought a small set of type to start out with. it was an old one they were getting rid of, and they didn’t know what the font name is. the e and one of the l’s is smaller than the rest, but i’d love an id on the bigger letters. i like it a lot and would like to run down a little more to add to it.

this is my first run at printing type (i’ve just been doing carved blocks up until now), so if something looks funny, suggestions are welcome.

image: type web address.JPG

type web address.JPG

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This will be a tuff one to positively ID for you without a more cfomplete specimen. The type you have is obviously well worn. It could be Bookman or something similar. I doubt very much that the smaller, non -lining e and l are part of this font. Check the nick on those characters to see if they align with the others. My guess iis that they do not.


Actually I was guessing Century Schoolbook or another member of the Century family, with two wrong fonts — the small e and l definitely do not belong. I’m not sure your proof is clear enough for a positive identification.


thank you both! i already loved bookman, and i’m happy to find out about century schoolbook. this will help me shop for a bigger set i’m really pleased with.