1885 Press ID


I have the opportunity to get this press. It hasn’t been used in close to 30 years. The owner does not know the manufacturer. The only information on it is the date (1885), the model B135a and “Made in Cleveland, Ohio”. It looks like a few of the models in the museum photo gallery, but I didn’t see a wheel like that on the right side on any of those.

Do any of you know what press this is?

I appreciate any help you can give! Thanks!

image: Press01.jpg


image: Press03.jpg


image: Press04.jpg


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Looks like an 8 x 12 Chandler & Price Old Style from 1905.
http://www.press817.com/C&P%20serials.pdf Motor has been added, I do not see the belt.

Check out the string here on Briar; plucky123 on 29 Mar 11 Chandler & Price Worth Buying Salvageable?

Can you see the back side of the cross piece that connects the ink roller arms? That’s where C&P put their name. Being against the wall makes it harder to look. Did the number come from the top left side of the bed?


I second Dennis. I believe this press has been discussed and the issue was getting it out of the basement. See other thread.

Thanks for the info. I had looked around to see if anyone actually asked about it before I posted but I must have missed that. The owner said he had some interest in it last week, but he put it up on Craigslist again just yesterday, so I guess that didn’t work out for whatever reason.

The basement issue is part of the problem, though I think if we are able to dismantle it per the instructions on the greendolphinpress.com FAQ, then it shoudn’t be that much a problem getting it out of there. The bigger problem for me is getting it down into mine. I have a narrow concrete stairwell that’s 32” to the rail and 34” to the wall. The rail can probably be removed if needed. Do you think a press that size, once disassembled, will fit down a 32” wide space?