Demise of HandPress website?


Was just viewing the Iron Hand Press website at and noticed that the page is slated for deletion on May 1st, a bit less than 3 weeks from now.

Is anyone aware of any attempts to save the site by contacting Richard-Gabriel Rummonds and taking over the maintenance of the site?


Log in to reply   1 reply so far is up, and will continue being a resource for Printers on the Handpress.
It will be a site in development, as we build it from Scratch and intend to add a discussion Board as you are using it right now here on this fine Site.

If you are a printer on the Hndpress, or you own one or you know of one sitting somewhere, we would like to hear from you. Visit the Site. I print on a Handpress and like to keep the Tradition, Skill and Knowledge for this Type of Press and Printing alive.