200lb Wausau Eclipse Black Paper

I’m trying to purchase the following paper. Does anyone know where I can purchase this and also the price?

200lb Wausau Eclipse Black

Thanks so much.


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Looks like it’s custom at Studio on Fire. Any recommendations for a similar alternative?

I see some suppliers list a 100lb. Wausau Eclipse stock. Perhaps the 200lb. was made by duplexing (gluing two sheets together.

I believe jhenry is correct, as Studio on Fire regularly offers duplex services.

Wanted to get my hands on this stock as well. Mailed Wasau several times and never got an answer. Here it is again, my wish for the ‘dislike’ button…

By the way, we do duplexing very often for ultra thick cards.

Try thepapermillstore.com

Thanks for the input, everyone.