I am interested in printing a book with a leather cover. Is that possible with my Heidelberg windmill? Even if I could just do a blind impression - stamp it - that would work.

Alternatively, if I can’t use my Heidelberg, is there an affordable or home-made way to do it?

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It is likely that the materials you wish to impress will be too thick to feed well on the Heidelberg, and may be beyond the thickness which is allowed, even if you remove all the packing.

Most binders would use heat as well as pressure to obtain sharp blind impresssions on leather.

You could obtain an impression by a number of means. I have seen hobby bookbinders who use a woodworking vise to stamp leather, but there is little control with that sort of work-around.

J Henry

I tried printing a piece of leather on my C&P, worked pretty well.

Another thing that works is a Kwik-Print tabletop foilstamping press.

You could use a hardware-store arbor press to do it.

Or maybe you could double-stick tape a photopolymer plate to the false clamp on a guillotine cutter and do it. That’d probably work, too!