dampening paper and mold - solutions?

Hi All,

I’m thinking about dampening paper for a job here in a few weeks that will require keeping the paper damp for several days.

Lewis Allen suggested putting a few drops of formaldehyde in the water used for dampening to prevent mold in jobs like this, but we now know that formaldehyde is carcinogenic and as a result it has become generally unavailable to the public at large.

Has anyone experimented with alternatives like Moldex or some other chemical to include in the dampening bath?



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Hi Alan,
You can put your well-wrapped (in plastic) package(s) of paper in the refrigerator to forestall mold. And let me know if you’d like to borrow my humidors.
Littoral Press

Alan…. I’ve never run into a mold problem with dampened paper. However, if I had to keep my paper damp for a few days, I think I’d add a fungicide of some sort to the water.