Kelsey or C&P 8x5

hello all,

let me begin by saying, i am new at letterpress! i have done some research on this site for the type of press someone new to the craft should purchase. from what i have found, the best are kelsey and C&P, and for someone starting, 8x5 is a good size. i am open to using traditional metal type or those using plates. as i an not terribly familiar with all the mechanics, the press would need to be in working condition with no major parts missing. i am located in charlotte, n.c. and i have been unsuccessful in finding one for sale locally (or really, in the state, or even nearby states). if one is available but i would need to travel a bit to pick it up, i would certainly consider it. and of course, if it can be shipped, even better!

thanks for reading my post! i hope whomever reads this can help!

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