Looking for Stock CD Packaging or Creative Design Solutions

I am trying to find stock unprinted CD packaging, or ideas for DIY creative solutions to make a somewhat rustic looking Compact Disc/DVD Media package.
Wondering if anyone could point me to pre-made blanks or possibly templates for diecutting, or any creative ideas that you have come up with personally.
Ideally, I would NOT want something in glossy white, but if there is someone making blanks in this stock, and have alternative stocks, I would take a look.
I would also not be opposed to scoring, hand folding and gluing a hand made design. I just need good ideas to emulate.
Any and all links or info would be greatly appreciated, no matter how simple or seemingly complicated, as I am drawing a creative (pardon the pun) “blank”.

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I order chipboard cd packaging from Stumptown Printers (http://www.stumptownprinters.com/store/c-blank-disc-packaging-24/)—they have lots of options!


Thanks for the quick reply…will have a look.

Yes…these seem to be exactly what I’m looking for!

Try this link also.


Inky Lips Letterpress

I’ve used rebinder.com… their logo is somewhat large and I had to insert a piece of paper in each one before printing to get it to print correctly, but in the end they turned out pretty nice!

Thanks for the links, all…

I considered a DIY approach, but it’s not worth all the trouble, given the cost of a die-cutting die, and I’m thinking I wouldn’t want to use the 12x18 for die cutting anyway.

I appreciate your help.