Broken Foil Stamper on Heidelberg Windmill

My Gold Boss unit is not currently working. Does anybody know who sells parts or services these units?

If I can’t get it working I am thinking of getting a ProFoil “foil optimiser” from England, or a Tempress Foil unit from Israel. These are both bolt on units that can be added to a Heidelbeg windmill.

Has anybody had experience with these units or these companies? I would like to get something from the US for service purposes, but couldn’t find any available.

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Is it the heating unit that has failed or the foil pull?

The foil pull attachment that bolts on to the air pump broke & the heater control box is starting to “smell” like a burnt electrical component.

I think Goldboss parts are handled by a place called “Crocodile Industries” or “Enterprises” in Portland OR area. The controller can be self repaired using part(s) from an electrical control company

Nothing to do with the subject at hand, but I shudder every time I see someone using the name of a classic and historical private press as their own. The Village Press was established in 1903 by Frederic Goudy and Will Ransom and has quite an illustrious history.

To see someone sign on as Village Press Inc. shows either ignorance or arrogance. This is exactly what the Press Names catagory on this site attempts to eliminate. I just wish that many others who visit and comment on this site would also take the time to register (there is no fee) their names there as well to avoid future duplications/conflicts.


The directory of press names was originally intended for private presses, but not everybody here is operating a private press, or in agreement with the philosophical stance of registering unique press names. When it comes to commercial printing, you don’t have to clear your DBA with BriarPress.

My apologies to the Messrs. Goudy, Ransom and foolproof, but when our father bought this shop right after WW2 he named it The Village Press because that it what it was. We continue to this day, 61 years later, as the only commercial letterpress shop in town.

I am in agreement with parallel_imp and the Village Press Inc. explanation is perfectly fine. The Press Name registry holds no offical or legal standing, but it does serve as a sort of guide to names that are or have been in use by others. And again, it would be great if you are a private press to get your name listed there.


I have a commercial shop Kay Printing Company, we bought it in the early 1980’s name and all, there was another Kay Print not too far from us, suppliers would sometimes get us mixed up. Now we run Kay Print out of our garage at home and there is a large shop i think in New Jersey with the same name, when they mix up our paper bills i’m sure the other Kay Print likes to get mine for only 3 or 4 hundred, but every now and again i get one of the other Kay Print bills for 10 or 15 thousand, don’t like that. Dick G.