Golding Pearl #14 - Impression and Inking Issues.

I am printing on a Golding Pearl #14. I am using polymer plates for my current project with a boxcar deep relief base. I am having issues with inking and impression. I adjusted the platen by locking up large wood type in the four corners. Now that I’ve switched back to my polymer plates for my project, the plates are hitting the the bottom area of the packing when the throw off lever is in the off position. If I removed some of the packing then it does not hit at all when the lever is thrown forward. Should I just build up the bottom part of the packing? I would appreciate any advice you have for me. Thanks!

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First, do you know for certain that all the wood type you put in the corners are .918 high? You should never have to pack the press to fix this kind of problem. Either the platen, or throw off, or something else is out of whack. It still sounds like platen adjustment is off.

You may want to think about getting this.

If you’re printing something that is so large it is hitting the bottom of the packing off impression you probably are asking the press to do more than it was designed to do. I just acquired a parts press that has one platen bearing broken due to too much impression from a very large plate. Be careful you don’t break your press!


I print on a pearl #14 and used the gauge above, works like a charm. If that doesnt work, you will at least be able to rule out platen adjustment as the culprit.

Thank you for the responses. I never knew there was a platen gauge. That will save me a lot of time and frustration.

Does anyone have or know of a list of parts or diagram for a Golding Pearl #14?

If John Falstrom doesn’t know or have a diagrwm for the no. 14 then they never existed, he is the go to guy for Goldings. Dick G.