Windmill ink “shadow repeating”

Thanks for any pointers.

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Your solid is pulling a lot of ink off the rollers and they can’t recover the ink so you get that faint image of the edge of your form. If you use the rider roller it should eliminate this, also if you are using gauges you can run the stock thru a second time, or you can double roll or skip feed the press and it should help. Don’t know how big the solid is but these smaller presses are not easy to print solids on. Good Luck Dick G.

This sometimes happens when your trucks and rails are oily, so make sure they are clean. I wipe mine down with alcohol and dab a bit of rosin on the rails. If it is a large solid you may have to use the rider roller or skip feed as Dick G. suggested.

Good Luck!


Thanks for your advice - it worked

I tried using the rider roller, but it only complicated matters. Skip feeding was the way to go.

Mind you, skip feeding is the most fun I’ve had printing in a long while! The challenge of getting the timing spot on was so much fun.

Thanks again

Skip feeding on a windmill is fun, i must be missing something here. Dick G.

I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago running a large solid. I cleaned the trucks on my rollers and also the rails and the problem went away immediately with the next impression.