Should I buy this C&P 8x12?

Here are some specs:
-Price 1999
-Old style
-Fully restored so it has treadle, good rollers (3), trucks, chase, feed boards
-It’s blue

Biggest thing I like about it is, it’s ready to go. I don’t have to do anything extra to it.


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It looks to be in good shape and with all you need. The only further restoration I would suggest needs to be done is removal of the paint from the bed of the press. A layer of paint as it chips and wears can provide an uneven surface for the type form.

I notice the press is also equipped with a variable speed motor and a pulley on the right side for power. I would suggest you also obtain the motor as you may find that you will wish to use it “down the road”.

John Henry

You ask if you should buy it.
My answer is a very firm maybe.
You state that it is fully restored. The photos do not show it fully restored at all. Blue paint does not a restoration make. We do not know if or when the previous owner used it. It has not seen any lubrication in some time. Whoever applied the paint to the rails and bed did not have a good understanding of printing.
The price is on the high side, but if you have the money and the space and willingness to learn much more about the care and use of the press — and you just have to have a press right now — well, OK.
I think it is a C & P, but the balance/conterweight on the flywheel puzzles me. Another manufacturer did put a weight on the flywheel, but the name escapes my hardisk.
I have not seen a weight on a C & P. This leads me to think that the flywheel may be from another press. That may or not be a problem.
It looks like it could be cleaned up a bit and lubricated and you could have some fun with it.

I think its worth more like $500, maybe $700 with BRAND NEW rollers.

Thanks for the advice jhenry

inky - I think I meant to say completely working rather than restored? Like nothing has to be added or done to it to get it working. The seller is going to clean it and lubricate it as well. Those pictures are from when they picked up the press from the person they bought it from. (The person they bought it from were the ones who painted it btw)

drorange - can you expand?

I think that is steep. There is one listed on here now for $500. I picked up a New Style 8 x 12 with 6 rollers and 5 chases in great working condition for $500. It is a little greasy but that preserves it!!

I just don’t know if the level of work you could do on that machine justifies the purchase cost. For $2,000 you’re entering Windmill territory. That’s what I’d do.

I think if you keep an eye out you could find a machine in similar condition for around $500.

I couldn’t agree more with drorange. For 2000 bucks you could pick up an amazing press (like a windmill). If I were you I would find one for 500 by digging around a little more and use the other 1500 to buy other materials you are going to need like paper stock, polymer, bases, ink etc.

I found this beauty 5 minutes from my house in a garage, took it home for $500 and printed business cards on it the same day. It came with “like new” rollers, a working electric motor, brand new leather belt, 2 chases and a box full of other goodies. It was covered in greases but zero rust.

The bigger one (12x18 Chandler and price Craftsman with working Kluge feeder) also in great condition I found for 500 bucks also. It’s a monster but I love it. Deals are out there, just have to dig.

image: craftsman.jpg


image: smallerpress.jpg


I totally agree with everyone, that a good price for a working 8x12 C&P should be no more than $500.