Golding Pearl 5x8 floor model - Near Ottawa Ontario

Includes six 5x8 chases — Will take the best offer over $500.
** PICK-UP ONLY - NO SHIPPING ** 20 miles from Ottawa, Ontario
It was purchased by my father in 1938. Was used extensively from the 50’s to the 80’s, and used after that only to occasionaly print envelopes until 2005 when it was retired.

The treadle was lost after it was motorized in the 1960’s - The door and 2 speed motor from a Kenmore wringer washing machine where added in the early eighties - It comes with 6 chase and 2 sets of rollers that need recasting, they have started to decomposed these past few years - it was never reconditioned so it could use some bushings here and there to tighten things up, although it still printed fine when last used

Also for sale…
Hamilton-48 type cabinet - $150
Rejafix printing press - $90
and some other stuff incl.
Antique cast iron Nipping/Book Press
photopolymer uv/vacuum unit used to make letterpress plates,
kwikprint pneumatic foil stamper with stock of foil etc..,
Linotype typemetal @ .60 a pound
All above are priced low in order to clear out.

1950’s Ludlow Typefaces specimen book
Rare 1915 Linotype Specimen Book of Typestyles


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