Restoring a Press

Hello, all. I’ve recently bought a 5x3 adana press off ebay for 15£. the catch? well, it looks like its been in a shed for twenty years. definitely restorable, but alot of work, I’m looking forward to it.

The other catch? it has no ink plate or rollers. I can find the rollers no problem off ebay or various sellers. In the interest of being ‘budget friendly’, does anyone have any suggestions of where to find a replacement ink plate? it’s a little necessary to the process.

Also, any tips on restoration (e.g. how to get rust off the screws, etc) any help, advice, links or tips are greatly appreciated!!!


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Hi kplank,

I am in the middle of restoring my Kelsey 5x8 and found Briar to be extremely helpful. I found a lot of discussions on here and I am posting the links to them for ya!

Link 1
Link 2
None Briar Link
Link 4
Link 5

I hope this helps! I tried the lemon juice/vinigar combo with a wire brush and it worked really well. Even a wire brush alone to get a lot of the lose stuff off is great and then using a chemical to remove the tough stuff!

As for the ink plate, I don’t know where to get an adana one but you could get a Kelsey one from Excelsior Press I’m sure. I just don’t know if it would work on an Adana maybe someone can answer that question.

Also take photo’s of everything while it is still put together it helps remember where it all goes after you have taken it apart and cleaned it. For a first time thing its nice to have that to refer back to!

Good Luck and would love to see before and after photos when done!

I think Adana parts are still available in England, maybe someone over there knows where to get them. Dick G.

A lot of the parts are still available from Caslon in the UK, who have taken over Adana. get in touch with them first, if no succes, e-mail me and I’ll send you drawings and dimensions of the ink plate.

ooooh wow, thanks for all the great info everyone!!! pics will be posted once it’s been sorted (will definitely be a while though!!) Thanks again!