Heidelberg Windmill noise

Hello all,

I recently was able to locally get a Windmill. After moving it and getting power to it, there is a loud vibrating noise(sounds like it is coming from the cylinder area. The noise only happens when the grippers are moving and when the rollers reach the cylinder area. Happens with the rollers on and off.
Everything else seems to be in working order. I’ve searched through the dicussions on here and wasnt able to find anything about it. Wondering if anyone has had an issue like this before or if anyone has any ideas of what it might be?

Thanks in advanced,

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When i oil my windmill it sounds like i’mgrinding up a bear in there, i get a noise like a grinding sound but it goes away after a few minutes, this press has done this since it was new in 1966, i’d just keep it oiled and it should be ok.

Mine makes some nasty noises too, it’s to be expected, everyones windmill has its own noise, apparently.

Obviously I might be wrong

If you oil the gear on the end of the big ink distributor the left hand side as you look from the op position and the noise changes , welcome to the random noises of a heidelberg platen !!!” If you oil all through and it makes the same sound or is accompanied with a slight vibration that seems to be in tune with the noise ,welcome to the nightmare of a platen . IF the latter go round backopen the trap check that all the capillary oil wicks are ther and well loaded. turn on and run at a fair lick for five minutes,if the sounds still there and she still grunts have a feel at the points where there are big bearing of bronze these are prone to rubbing up and become prone to heating up when too dry once you find the hot one just do as dick suggested oil and loads of it . as long as you dont come to a grinding halt it will soon loosen and get quieter when you find the offendind bearing . a lot of the problem with the central oiling on the older ones is pressure loss low down will cause one or two of the higher up bearings to be a bit dry .

Just as a little humor in a frustrating situation…if the press ever gets stolen at least you’ll be able to identify it from the noise!