Attaching impression lever to C&P 10 x 15?

Hello all,

I recently bought a 10 x 15 and have been printing with it even though the impression lever was not attached. I have photos of properly attached levers but haven’t been able to figure it out (alas).

The press wiggled into the “impression off” setting so I can put off dealing with the issue any longer >_<

Can anyone help with this?

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It would help if you would be more specific about what your problem is. Do you have the parts and not know how to properly re-attach them? Do you not have the parts and want to know how to fix the press on impression?

There are 4 points at which the impression lever could be disconnected, difficult to say at which yours is. If you want to put it back to impression, you will need to turn the eccentric shaft that is running through the roller arms down.


Paul, thanks for your response. At the very least I’ll try to turn the shaft you described.

I believe I have all the parts of the impression lever - it’s currently detached from the press and lying on the floor. (When I bought the press the lever wasn’t attached)

As I said, there are four joints between the lever and the impression eccentric. It would be best to post pictures or describe your situation and what you’re trying to achieve, as well as all the parts you have,

Assuming you are referring to a C&P, I have posted 3 photos of linkage and connections. Hope this helps.

image: back connection_throw offsmall.jpg

back connection_throw offsmall.jpg

image: throw-off saddle_back shaftsmall.jpg

throw-off saddle_back shaftsmall.jpg

image: Throw0ffLinkage.jpg


Thanks so much for the feedback and pictures. I realized I’m missing the bracket that holds the lever away from the body of the press - will probably fashion one from wood.