Envelope Liners for Crane Lettra Envelopes?


Does anybody know of a company that sells envelope liners for lettra envelopes?


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I just lined my lettra envelopes myself. Just make a template using cardboard or plastic 1/4” from the top of the envelope. There are no templates or pre-made liners out there. Or you can use the pre-made liners and just trim them a little.


Do you have any pictures of how these turned out? I’d like to see…


If you can find the right paper, you could have a die made and ask a friendly Tiegel (windmill) operator to crank them out for you. The die would likely be $70 to $100. As all envelopes are slightly different, I wouldn’t think there was a one size fits all solution for Lettra specifically.

Here is my finished envelope and template. I made 150 of them. I bought my paper from papermojo.com and was able to fit 11 liners on each sheet.

image: template.jpeg


image: crane.JPG


We have dies for most of those that we use for outer envelopes.

Our handwork employees hate to see these coming…

Thank you so much for posting photos! So, did you just cut them out with scissors? And did you adhere them with glue stick or double sided tape?

Our folks use ATG tape….. lots of it.

Yes I just cut them out with scissors. I traced them so that there was only one line between them. I used a glue stick,ZIG two way glue from Michael’s. When I ran out I used Elmer’s craft bond but wasn’t as happy with it. It was thicker and made the envelopes harder than I liked. You place the liner inside the envelope, turn over the envelope and flip back the top of the envelope and only put the glue on that.

Thank you very much!

really, really nice.


I’ve made these by hand, too. You don’t need a template if you tape cardboard guides to your paper cutter. Even on my little Carl from Staples, I can do 10 at a time. If you’ve got liners with rounded corners, you can do a final snip with a template and scissors.


image: Lori's stationery, low res.JPG

image: Kandra's stationery low res.JPG

Great idea!!