Heidelberg windmill pros in Montreal, Toronto, or New York?

I recently made the rather rash decision to purchase a 1950 13” x 18” Heidelberg platen press, which will be moving into my studio in Montreal at the end of the month. I have a great deal of experience with a variety of commercial silkscreening equipment, but only a wee bit of letterpress under my belt (and that on a Chandler Price.) I realize that the Heidelberg is a huge leap for a beginner, but I think my expectations are reasonable : I’m looking forward to dedicating the next few years to fixing it up and learning how to operate it safely.

I have downloaded and read the manual and parts guide. I also found a former Heidelberg operator in Montreal who is willing to work with me to set up my machine and diagnose any major parts problems. However, before sticking my hands in the machine, I would really like to see one in action (youtube doesn’t count) and have someone talk me through the process.

Are there any printers in Montreal, Toronto, or New York City who might be willing to give me a crash course on the Heidelberg, or at the very least let me spend an afternoon observing them at work? I would pay for the privilege. Thanks.

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I’m in southeastern Massachusetts and wouldn’t mind showing you a windmill, mine are 10x15’s and i run two nearly every day. There are a lot of windmills around and if you look i think you could find someone closer to you. Dick G.

If you are the chosen rosen, i’ll fire mine up for you on sunday…


Alain, that would be wonderful! I didn’t realize you had one at the Atelier. That’s great news!

Dick, it looks like you were right about finding someone close to home! Thanks for your reply.


Heidelberg platen is not hard to learn, if you had already printed on a Chandler Price platen.

Once you learn the basic lockup of a letterpress form you should be able to run any press.

The pressman that give be a lesson on the press was to set up running a job without ink or type. Do all the setting up of running the paper and making the adjustment to have the press run smooth.

After you learn the settings for running a job, you can put ink on the rollers and type in the chase.

I’m in Montreal and dont know a thing about the machine but I’d love to see the machine in person. I think there just amazing machines, and well I want to see one in person.. If you dont mind me being nosey lol


As aseries, I’m in Montreal, and I’d love to “meet” this machine ! I’m not even a beginner (never tried before), I just like the process and the beautiful prints that these machines are able to make. I’m curious to watch and learn.
If there is/will be an open or private lesson done by a printer, or even you, when you’re be ready ; I would pay to have a lesson too :)