Vandercook value

I might have a chance to get this old Vandercook but it looks in rough shape. Does anyone have an idea of what the value might be?


image: Unknown.jpeg


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I’ll pay $35, Cool?

I think that is a 17, 32 or similar. It doesn’t have the inking assembly and was not fitted with a gripper bar. The cylinder carriage side pieces have been removed, but appear to be sitting on the bed and the cylinder needs to be turned around the other way and re-meshed to the rack on the correct alignment.

More info, of course on Moxon’s site:

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

image: 17.jpeg

image: 32.jpeg

I had a similar model but a smaller bed, the size of the bed is amazing. It’s missing everything Daniel said, but from what i see on your picture, it still looks like it could print some amazing wood type posters.
It must weight over a 1000 lb. If the kids do not know the value of cast iron, check out the price at your local scrap yard. The seller might be aware of it.

If you see the press again, could you please take a picture of the tag on the side of the press so we can identify the model.

Thank you

Alain Debbane

image: v_1.jpg


Took a second look, make sure it as the metal wheels that go under the rails with cylinder carriage side pieces.

image: 32.jpg


I think those castings (carriage wheels) are what’s laying on the bed of the press. The press must have been disassembled but never put back together before being sold.

Low value would be scrap and upper value would be somewhere about the same as the largest Poco proof press in equivalent condition. Would be nice to have—if I had room for it!

thanks for all the information. I don’t think there is an inking assembly with the press but the photos and images you kind folks have added appear to have rollers. Is that the case? and if so, how hard and expensive would it be to find the inking assembly?

If it isn’t there in the room you should expect that you will never have it.


Yeah, Dan is mostly correct.
I bought my SP-15 from a printing equipment dealer, and came with no inking rollers and oscillator.. They did not find them at all in the warehouse, and so.. yeah.. make sure they look for them. If they don’t have them.. well you’re going to pretty much have to ink by hand.

I’d rather be wrong, but I feel you should think this way when you decide whether it will be useful to you. And it should also be a large factor in how much you offer.

NA Graphics have got most of the SP-15 parts you need to set your press up with rollers. The oscillating roller assembly might be the most problematic element.



Yes, I already got the rollers with the bearing blocks. I could never find cores on the NA Graphics Website, but I was able to source them used, so that’s good.
I’m working with Fritz to complete what’s missing on my SP-15, and apparently the ink drum oscillator has been solved. Thanks!

That’s great news!



Indeed they are, I am really excited.

Sorry to publicly ask you, but did you receive my last e-mail? I asked you some questions about the restoration materials for the no. 4.

Thank you!


Hmm.. Let me see— yes! Oops!

I will have a look and respond now. Looks like a nice #4!